December 18, 2019

A Year In Review

"A Year In Review''
Chad Soileau

Earlier this month, in my normal routine of trying to figure out what I would like to write about, I began to reflect on my past writing throughout the year. I wanted to review where my thoughts had taken me and see if I could maybe build upon past ideas.

As I began to review and read what I had written, I quickly realized that much of it gradually faded away from memory. This confirmed my idea for what I think to be a good topic for the final thought for 2019.

For many, December is a time when we are looking back on the past year and lessons learned as well as looking forward to plan for the future. So, I thought it was a great opportunity to provide you with a fresher with listings of each month’s blog, title, description and link. This allows you to revisit past writings as a refresher and for some of the newer readers, an opportunity to catch up and bring yourselves up to date.

  • Be First, Be Better, Don’t Cheat: Being First at Being Better

  • Words of Wisdom, Remembering John Bogle of Vanguard- Sage advice from a lost legend:

  • The Lost Art of Making the Call: Going back to basics

  • Value Matters, Charging for Financial Plans: Self realization of your personal value to clients

  • The Go Giver: To get what you want; you have to give.

  • Client Marriages: A comparison of healthy relationships

  • Summer Plays off: A lesson of discipline when things are slow

  • Situations have a way of changing: Learning to be patient in the business cycle

  • An Act of Love: Protecting the one’s you love the most

  • Always Be learning: A perspective of becoming a more successful advisor

  • The 12 Months of Giving Thanks: A Dedication/Challenge to be thankful all year long
My greatest hope is that you are able to find something of value in each month’s writing and are able to carry these lessons forward with you as you continue to grow personally and professionally.

With that, I’d like to thank each of you in your support of our efforts and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!