February 12, 2019

Words Of Wisdom From Vanguard Founder John Bogle

Words Of Wisdom From Vanguard Founder John Bogle

In January of 2019, the financial services industry lost an icon with the passing of John "Jack" Bogle at the age of 89. Jack was best known as the father of “Indexing” and the founder of Vanguard mutual funds. Whether you agreed with his philosophy on investments or not, he will forever be remembered as both an innovator and disruptor in the investment and mutual fund industry.

And like all great leaders before him,Jack has provided us with many great quotes to be used as lessons to learn from. Quotes that are both lessons in investing but also lessons in life. Pick from these what gives you most inspiration or guidance. Add them to your treasure trove of thoughts and ideas. Let them be a guiding principal in your interactions with clients, friends and family.


·        “Rely on the ordinary virtues that intelligent, balanced human beings have relied on for centuries: common sense, thrift, realistic expectations, patience and perseverance.”


·        “The courage to press on regardless, regardless or whether we face calm seas or rough seas, and especially when the market storms howl around us, is the quintessential attribute of the successful investor.” (same could be said about life)


·        “I will create value for society, rather than extract it.”


·        “Learn something every day,especially from the experiences of others, it’s cheaper!”


·        “It’s about being a good husband, a good father, a good colleague, a good member of the community.Everything else pales by comparison. The accumulation of material goods is a waste – you can’t take them with you, anyway…”


As you have seen here in his words,service to others was the guiding principal to Jack’s philosophy. He will be remembered not only as a great investor and innovator, but also as a great man of principal, humility and integrity.