Practice Management

The Confident Advisor Practice™

The Confident Advisor Practice™

The Confident Advisor Practice

The Practice Blueprint

Determine where you are now and what you value most.

Inventory your practice, assets, liabilities, staff, income source, and expenses.

Identify your biggest fears and concerns that need to be eliminated.


Your Vision Expander

Determine the best way to staff your practice.

Define your target market.


The Value Matrix

Develop and package your story through the creation of your own intellectual capital.

Fine tune the profile of your ideal client.


The Awareness Builder

Determine the right places to market and share your value proposition.

Establish a marketing budget, allowing you to focus your marketing dollars in the right place.


The Professional Network Advantage

Access to practice management advice and tools.

Regular conversations focused solely on working on the business.

A network of other advisors willing to share best practices and ideas to help you grow your business.


The Process Planner

Develop repeatable processes and procedures to create a WOW client experience.

Articulate your levels of service to your clients.


The Team Growth Formula

Find the next generation of advisors to incorporate into your practice.

Find practices to acquire.

Refine your skills through collaboration with like minded advisors.


The Legacy Navigator

Create a continuity plan of the unexpected.

Outline the steps needed to ensure the smooth transition of your practice to the next generation.

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