Grow, Protect or Transition

Helping You Achieve Your Practice Goals

Advisor Growth and Connection

Iron Sharpens Iron

With over 26 years of growing from a solo and silo model into a successful ensemble practice and OSJ branch network, Pete Bush and the talented team of professionals at Horizon have the experience and industry connections you need to help you envision and create your ideal firm. While your growth goals, plans and dreams will always be uniquely your own, joining a growing nationwide community of like-minded advisors can serve to increase your effectiveness and efficiency in making those dreams come true.

Protecting Your Practice

Insuring continuity for your practice and your family

As a fiduciary in our practices, we all owe the utmost professionalism and care to our clients.  The same holds true when it comes to our family and team.  We owe a sense of duty and responsibility to the people we love to have a plan in place for the unexpected.   Since none of us knows when the last grain of sand is going to run through the hourglass of life, one of the first orders of business with our affiliated advisors is to plan for continuity of their business in the event they are not there to provide leadership and guidance for their practice.

Transitioning Your Practice

Helping you Navigate your Legacy

You’ve built a great business and the time has come to start thinking about ‘What’s next?’.  Whether that’s bringing a family member or associate advisor into the business to transition over time, or developing a plan to sell to or merge your business with another advisor, we help provide the pertinent resources you’ll need.  These range from practice valuation services, to sample non-disclosure and buy-sell agreements, to coaching conversations with our own Chris Sullivan, who has personally advised and consulted on numerous practice transitions in his 17-year industry career.  Our goal is to help you reach the finish line of your successful career with confidence.

Any stage of your career, any size firm–let us help you take the next steps.

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