March 3, 2021

The Senses Around Branding

Mar 3, 2021

During this episode of The Confident Advisor Practice Podcast, Bill Bush and Chad Soileau share how to think about your business’ branding in terms of the five senses.

Episode Highlights:

1:20 - Bill and Chad are centering their podcast theme around branding for the first quarter of 2021.

2:21 - Even if you’re not doing it consciously, you are always building your brand.

2:30 - Find the “who,” or the other people who are experts around branding to help you.

4:00 - Think about your branding in terms of the five senses.

4:40 - Sight is the most obvious—beyond your logo, what does your office look like and what is the first impression it will give a client?

6:52 - Social media counts towards sight as well—what is the quality of your video content and graphic design, your font and color consistency, etc.

9:45 - For touch/feel, what are the materials you use? This can mean brochures, photos, promotional materials, etc.

10:38 - In another sense of feel, what’s the culture of how you do business?

11:05 - You want your office to be pleasant to all the senses when a client walks in, and that includes smell. Even for one-on-one meetings, do you smell good?

12:05 - Smell includes food, like gifts you receive or send around the holidays.

12:54 - Smell ties into taste, and you remember different companies because of what they send to you, be it food or candles.

13:45 - For sound, who is answering the phones? What does your hold music sound like?

16:24 - Bill recently did a module about story branding, and thinking about the story that you’re telling your clients.

17:22 - You’re always trying to build and improve and change when you have to change.

3 Key Points:

Everything you do, whether conscious or not, builds your brand.

Thinking about your branding in terms of the five senses will help you go deeper than just your logo or website.

Think about your brand as the story you are telling your clients.

Tweetable Quotes:

“It’s more than just the logo, more than just the website. It’s those deep things of paying attention to, can this affect my brand? Is it building my brand in the way I want it to or not?” –Chad Soileau

“What story are you telling out there, but also defining the audience that you’re helping and what problems are you helping them solve?” –Bill Bush

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