June 30, 2022

How to Elevate Your Practice Marketing via Podcasting

In today’s episode of “The Confident Advisor Practice”, a podcast from the Horizon Advisor Network that explores tips, strategies, and perspectives for building, maintaining, and growing confidence in your practice as a financial advisor. In this episode, hosts Bill Bush and Chad Soileau discuss the topic ‘How to Elevate Your Practice Marketing via Podcasting’. They will dive into some best practices, some barriers, and ways advisors should be doing podcasts for expanding their marketing efforts.

Episode Highlights

• 01:20 - Chad thinks a lot of advisors are starting to look at podcasting as a marketing tool with a lot more interest in how we start.

• 03:00 - One of the barriers Bill thinks is that a lot of people might consider how to get started. The other thing is that even if you decide to jump in and don't just stick your toe in the water, the cost of the equipment, the grand scheme of things is pretty minimal.

• 05:00 - You can go as expansive as you want or you can keep it as simple as you want but obviously spending a few dollars on it, mentions Chad.

• 07:30 - The world is constantly changing, especially in the digital world. So to keep up and participate in that and to be a part of that is certainly welcome, says Bill.

• 09:00 – Bill says that they have some good headphones that everybody can listen to, and hear what everybody's saying. So you hear things live and then beyond that, you have the ability to do a podcast with a remote guest.

• 11:05 - It's all about networking - if you can feature a guest on your podcast, and then share the link with them, they will further share it in their network and in their social media posts, that just exposes more people to you.

• 13:00 – The next thing Bill talks about is the process or post-production work. So, after recording the conversation you'll want to make sure your audio levels are good and the show notes are in order.

• 14:20 – There is a lot of post-production work like checking audio levels, editing audio, and writing show noes before finally uploading the podcasts on sites. Bill says that they are associated with a company called Barevalue.com that takes care of all these post-production tasks for them.

• 16:00 – There is little time involved in compliance and once the compliance is done, then they can post the podcast.

• 18:15 - There is a cost to have someone else do post-production work and a lot of times it's worthwhile. Beyond that, what episodes are done on the platforms, sharing the content via networking or social media, is what matters.

• 20:20 - If you're doing something fairly, and timely, there could be a little lag on the production or compliance end, but not a lot, says Bill.

Three Key Points

1. A podcast can be posted on a website, it can be shared on social media, and people can experience that 24 hours a day. It's not an appointment of television or whatever that multiplies your message because literally hundreds and thousands of people can hear that message if it's appropriately distributed. So to multiply yourself and your message if you have a good message, to have that kind of open fire and have that power is a good thing.

2. Pre-pandemic, they were using ‘Skype’, and ‘FaceTime’. Also, there were some technical things they have to go through to make sure mics, inputs, and sounds were correct. But during the pandemic, there was a meteoric rise of a platform called ‘Zoom’. They did podcasts using ‘Zoom’ and if you record those, zoom actually records the video and it also records the audio split out already so that you can go back and download it so you can have a remote guest anywhere.

3. We have three podcasts that are up and running now pretty regularly. One of those is ‘Inside the Plan with the 401k Brothers’, hosted by brothers Andy and Bill Bush, there chiefly their audience is 401 K participants because they have a big book 401k business and so that's a lot of educational pieces and that's mostly Andy and Bill Bush just talking so that podcast is without a guest. Then there is another podcast called – ‘The Runway Decades’, which is centered around this book that's coming out later in the summer of the year. Every episode will have guests that are chiefly in their 50s the book is focusing on people under 50. So think about that in terms of guests or no guests.

Tweetable Quotes

• “I think it's become a lot easier to start and to do events or podcasting or video and that's because we're kind of carrying around these miniature production studios in our pockets.”- Bill Bush

• “The first thing I would start with is the equipment which is going to be the easiest part of this unit.” - Chad Soileau

• “The other thing is to show your expertise or your acumen/knowledge, so you're able to display that and talk legitimately about that.” - Bill Bush

• “The idea that it gives you so many avenues to share, or to communicate, like for us, we'll send it out to the network.” - Chad Soileau

• “So we have independent channels for each person talking.” – Bill Bush

• “Don't just think in terms of who's right in my back door, but who are some folks that would be interesting to listen to and bring them in.” - Bill Bush

• “I would say just be open-minded because the remote thing I've found at times has been great.” - Bill Bush

• “We have a company that we are engaged with is Barevalue, and barevalue.com is the website.” – Bill Bush

• “It's kind of cool the way that they price this out now using the Barevalue platform that we're on. The cost you pay for that is based on how long the episode is.” – Bill Bush

• “There are services called Podcast Host Hosting Services, the one we use as Libsyn and we've used them for five or six years now.” – Bill Bush

• “I know one of the podcasts I listened to, there's a service called the Podcast Factory, and it’s kind of like a podcast in a box.” - Chad Soileau

• “For me, the actual shooting, recording, and all these pieces are not that difficult.” - Chad Soileau

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