June 29, 2021

Growth Through Client Acquisition

In today’s episode of “The Confident Advisor Practice Podcast” hosts Bill Bush and Chad Soileau talk about growth, particularly through client acquisition, and shares some great tips to grow the business through Networking, Marketing, Prospecting and Communicating.

Episode Highlights

  • 02.03 - Chad Soileau says that we all have to remember that this is a game and it is only won in the field.
  • 03.55 – As per Chad Soileau, if we really want to go forward and want to reinvent ourselves, we need to ask what we would like our business to be.
  • 05.21 – According to him, we need a presentation process and we have to be consistent with it and that is going to clearly outline to whoever it is that we're speaking; whether it's a client, referral sources COI or whatever.
  • 06.25 – Chad Soileau highlights that our content wealth experience is kind of pitch book that we put in front of a client to show them our process, and the value that we bring.
  • 08.02 – He discusses that just like client’s plan, we have to look back and see what was and then what do we want this thing to evolve into.
  • 10.26 – As per him, there should be a plan for, Marketing (what is going to be our outreach & who we are going to contact) &, Prospecting (communicate to our existing clients or affiliates within the network but also to kind of communicate to people who are outside).
  • 12.32 – He points out that we always have to think, where we want to be in next 6 months.
  • 13.58 - In his opinion you have to show gratitude. It’s a differentiator and says a lot about who you are as a person and who your firm is.
  • 15.57- He uses LinkedIn to grow network and to communicate, to know what he has been going on and what should he do as an individual.
  • 18.00 – Chand Soileau states that we should keep track of who we are talking to, when was the last time we talked to them, when did we give them a referral, did they send us a referral, all these things help you to stay on track with your communications.
  • 19.17 –Chand expresses that you can help people in accomplishing their goals and that’s what it is about.

Three Key Points

  1. Messaging becomes really important especially if we're speaking with referral sources.
  2. Stories plays a big role. It keeps the client at the center of attention inside of this and it ultimately put the client at ease, give them clarity and make them confident.
  3. We have to take as many different mediums as we can, to speak and really communicate as much as possible.

Tweetable Quotes

  • ” You know, it's, as our CEO Peter says, you know, He always says, if it is to be it's up to me yeah correctly now in his case that's self-responsibility.” - Chad Soileau
  • “I think the big thing is identifying who you're going to see, obviously we've talked about this several times before but it is, it's not just a scattershot thing to identify with specifics of who you're targeting.” – Bill Bush
  • “Not all roads are straight, but it's a little bit straighter, so to speak.” - Chad Soileau
  • “I've talked a lot about this about making the client the hero of the story.” – Bill Bush
  • “I have to make sure that not only am I servicing my clients, and doing presentations for existing clients, things along those lines. But again, I have to have time allocated towards finding the next client.” - Chad Soileau
  • “I've always said is just once you try to once, it means you've tried to watch, don't expect immediate results that it does take going back to the drawing board several times, especially if you've tried something new you know it might take some tweaking along the way.” – Bill Bush

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