February 26, 2024

Financial Advisor Interview Tips

In this episode of the Confident Advisor Practice podcast, hosts Bill Bush and Pete share valuable insights and tips for successful interviews and public speaking engagements. They discuss their experiences with interviews and conversations on various platforms. They mention that interviews can sometimes feel like conversations or Q&A sessions, whether on podcasts, at events, or in articles.

Episode Highlights:

• 02:01: The hosts, Bill and Pete Bush emphasize the importance of preparation for interviews, suggesting that being prepared helps you come across as more natural and confident. This preparation includes anticipating questions, rehearsing responses, and having a system for delivering messages.

• 04:53: Anticipating questions and rehearsing potential responses is recommended, especially for podcasts and interviews. The hosts mention that some interviewers provide a general line of questioning to help guests prepare.

• 06:32: The hosts discuss the importance of storytelling in interviews, recommending a clear beginning, middle, and end to your stories. They suggest focusing on two or three main points to convey effectively.

• 09:11: They emphasize the importance of brevity and using sound bites to convey your message effectively. They discuss the use of stories and anecdotes to make your points more memorable.

• 10:55: The hosts discuss the importance of being conversational and using language that resonates with the audience's level of sophistication. They suggest avoiding jargon and overly technical language.

• 12:59: They suggest taking your time to answer questions and not rushing your responses. They discuss the use of pauses and redirections to gather your thoughts and deliver a thoughtful response.

• 14:44: The hosts emphasize the importance of projecting confidence and authority in your responses. They suggest using facts and statistics to back up your points and establish credibility.

• 17:55: They encourage practice and repetition to improve your interviewing skills, comparing it to building a muscle. The hosts suggest that with practice, you can become more comfortable and confident in interviews.

Key Points:

1. Anticipate questions, rehearse responses, and have a system for delivering messages.

2. Use clear beginning, middle, and end to convey main points effectively and make them memorable.

3. Speak confidently, use relatable language, and back up points with facts and statistics.

Tweetable Quotes:

• "Storytelling is key! Use a clear beginning, middle, and end to convey main points effectively and make them memorable.” - Pete

• "Be authentic! Speak naturally and let your personality shine through to connect with your audience.” - Pete

• "Know your audience! Tailor your language and examples to resonate with your listeners and keep them interested." - Bill