More Confident Monday


At one point or another, you have been in a meeting and have uttered or heard the phrase “let’s table it” or “let’s put a pin it”. Whether the meeting is headed down a rabbit hole or there are other pressing topics that need to be addressed, there are a ton of good reasons why this may make sense. However, often times the catalyst to table something is the plates of the person, or persons, leading the discussion are overflowing with other to-dos and projects. Said another way the decision to table something is made based on a capacity issue. 

So, how do you think differently about tabled projects that could truly move your organization forward? How do you get something “off the table” and continue making progress towards your goals?The answer to that question rests in asking yourself another question, who? Who is the person inside or outside your organization that can lead the program? Who has a passion for finding the answers needed to move the project forward?

Most successful organizations have that leader who is constantly providing the entrepreneurial spark, coming up with new innovative ideas and strategies to go execute. While that person can take the organization to new heights, and is the main catalyst for growth, they cannot function as the “who” for all of those great ideas.So my challenge to you is next time you feel the urge to table something, ask yourself that one word question, who? Who will be the person to help this idea come to be? Otherwise your table will start to overflow and things that are important in moving your firm forward will end up being left on the table.


Chris Sullivan