June 4, 2018

Where Is Your Bad Writing?

Where is your bad writing?


Seth Godin, marketing guru and author of the book Purple Cow, is often asked how he has become such a prolific writer.  He points to the amount of thoughts he is able to share and his ability to ship his work.   He admits it is not all good.  He often asks his clients/students to share with him their bad writing.  He is typically met with a blank stare.  How does one expect to create high level content without practicing?  Creating the perfect blog post, video script, or podcast doesn’t usually happen on the first take. 


This is at the core of the Horizon social media and PR strategy.  We have thoughts and we ship those thoughts on a regular basis.  To be a thought leader you must have a thought.   Not rocket science, right?


Whether it is your business plan, a blog post, video script, or a podcast get it out there.  The most important thing is to share.  Don’t wait for the perfect topic, get your thoughts out there.  You will be surprised at the amount of people who need to hear what you have to say.