April 2, 2018

What You Talkin' 'Bout, Willis?

“I’ve been through some terrible things in my life, some of which have actually happened.” That quote by Mark Twain sums up what many of us struggle with in our heads.  Our mind is often our Achilles heel and can stop us in our tracks, even on our best days. 


Our thoughts can control how we view situations and respond to others.  Here’s an example, there are probably many of us that have been in situations where we were hesitating to reach out to a client or prospects for a host of reasons.  Will it be an interruption?  What is it that really needs to be discussed?  I’ve reached out to this prospect several times, will they be annoyed with me trying to contact them again?     That is our mind telling us all the reasons why we shouldn’t do it, or why we won’t be successful if we do.


One of the things that we have to do more to continue being successful is talk to ourselves more.  Tell ourselves exactly what we want.  We need to focus on talking to ourselves, not the weird kind of talking to ourselves, but the kind where we tell our mind exactly the outcome that we want.  What if our minds were at ease in these situations?  What if it focused on all the positive reasons the client or prospect would love to hear from us? How about they have some burning questions for us and just haven’t had time to pick up the phone and they are so happy we reached out.  How about they might be in the midst of a life changing event and we could provide guidance to make their lives easier?  Those scenarios are just as likely, right?


Changing the narrative in our minds, changes the thought process of how we deal with situations.  Focusing on what we want vs what we don’t want can have a dramatic effect on the outcome we experience.