August 28, 2017

What Gets Measured Gets Done

It’s hard to believe that September is right around the corner. It seems like yesterday we were kicking off January with a great sense of optimism of what 2017 was to bring. This year has been a tremendous year for our firm.  We have reached new heights in all three of our divisions and continue to blow away expectations.  Pete and I were having a conversation just the other day and got on the topic of why this year has been so successful, and while it has taken a ton of hard work and all of the team working towards a common goal, our success boils to one more major thing, that which gets measured gets done.

How do we go about measuring and tracking ourselves at Horizon? As we set out at the beginning of each year we establish One Year Planners for each division of our organization. The key to this planner though, is what happens during the year. Each year we have focused continually on moving the needle for each item on the planner. Holding each other accountable to the metrics we established at the beginning of the year. With weekly meetings to measure the numbers and talk through implementation steps of reaching these goals we have seen tremendous success in each division. If we haven’t been able to share and discuss this concept with you yet please reach out and we would be happy to share.

As you set course for the  rest of the 3rd and the 4th quarter of this year we would encourage you to measure whatever metrics you are focused on, whether it be financial metrics, prospecting metrics, or overall business management regularly. Once you put these numbers out in the universe and continually monitor them you will be surprised at how that translates into success for you and your firm.