September 11, 2017

That's Just the Way It Is

These are probably five of the most destructive words in business. There are millions of examples we can point to from Kodak to the cab companies, not much good ever comes from following the status quo. The good news for us is in this world of continuous technological innovation there is no better time to challenge that status quo. Whether through blogging, tweeting, posting, podcasting, or videos the ability we have as advisors to share our passion for helping people has no end.

As our industry continues to help drive away the misconception that all we do for clients is investment management we have the opportunity to share our stories, our processes, our beliefs about money and financial behavior to more people now than we ever have before. So as we look to the 4th quarter and beyond we can’t fall into the same old rut, saying “if I only had more people to talk to.” They are out there and more accessible now than ever before.  It is a matter of developing a plan to take advantage of the mediums available, tracking our progress and “shipping our work.”