March 26, 2018




I had the opportunity to meet and listen to Navy Seal, Robert O’Neill several years ago.  Many of you may have as well. Mr. O’Neil is credited with killing the most wanted individual on the planet, Osama Bin Laden.  When I listened to his talk I couldn’t help but get lost in the strategy, the planning, the hours and hours of preparation he and his team put into the potential scenarios they could be walking into.  They built models, discussed worst case scenarios, yes even what would happen if their helicopter went down.   It was fascinating to think about how prepared they were for whatever scenario could be in front of them. 


This got my mind racing. How do I prepare for situations, special projects, or assignments in my business?  The tool that came to mind for me was The Strategy Circle from Strategic Coach. 


First, you start with the project, what is it that you are trying to do?  Second, what is the goal, what is it that you want to get completed?  Then you want to determine the timeline, when are you starting this project and when do you want it completed.  Then come the three areas of critical thinking around the project, what do you want the ultimate payoffs to be? What are the obstacles that could prevent you from being successful? Finally what are the strategies you can employee to address each one of those obstacles?


The Strategy Circle provides a framework that can help take the obstacles that get in the way of progress and turn them into the fuel that brings a project, situation or assignment to the finish line.  The biggest hindrance to progress is in the ability to get action started.  If there is a project or situation in your business that is preventing you from moving forward I encourage you to reach out.  Let us help you think through a strategy and develop a game plan.