November 6, 2017

So, What Do You Do?

I am not sure where this habit started, but for as long as I can remember when someone asks the question, so what do you do…the response always goes something like this. I am a, fill in the blank, financial advisor, lawyer, teacher, you get the idea. In reality, those are just titles and there is so much more to “what we do”. 

Because this is the norm, it becomes hard for clients and prospects to differentiate between what you do as a financial advisor and the other 20 people they have met that are financial advisors too.  It is why advisors over the course of their career spend hours and hours trying to develop just the right elevator pitch. 

When people ask that question what I think they are getting at, regardless of what you do for a living, is why you do what you do. Think about this response to that question…I enjoy helping others achieve greater confidence, clarity, and direction in their lives. As you could imagine this often solicits a greater curiosity from the individual, creating more dialogue and opportunity for you to share your passion. 

So, think differently about how you define yourself, it’s the first thing people remember about you.  Help people understand your passion. It shouldn’t be defined by a two word title, but rather should help them understand why you do what you do.