August 13, 2018

Practice? Not The Game...

Practice? Not the game…we talking about practice?

Yes, Mr. Iverson, we have to talk about practice.  As advisors how do we practice?  As an athlete it is easier to define, you have a couple hour practice and then the next day you have a game.  Then you have a few days off to practice and then you have a game again.  So, as advisors, how do we define practice? 

Practice is prospecting.  Practicing our craft in front of people.  We define success in this business by the number of right-fit clients we are able to serve.  So we have to practice selling them on working with us. 

Practice will help us over-come the fear of failure, the fear of rejection, fear of losing our best client, and the fear of competition.  Those are the things that keep many from prospecting, when in reality prospecting is what helps us get over those same fears.

Playing football for most of my life there was a term that we used every once in a blue moon.  That was the term “gamer”.  There are not many “gamers” on this planet, I only ever stepped on the field with one, the rest of us we have to practice!  No matter what the game is.