August 7, 2017

Frank Sinatra Didn't Move Pianos

Like many of you, I keep a black book on my desk…shhhhh don’t tell Katie.  Just kidding, this black book is different, this black book is full of quotes and nuggets I’ve heard along the way, in all facets of my life, that I figure I should hold on to.

One of these nuggets I wanted to share with you is, “Frank Sinatra didn’t move pianos.”  Many of us get bogged down in our day to day with stuff that challenges our passion for this business.  We get bogged down with paperwork or we get bogged down with technology issues that stress us to the point of, at times, asking ourselves, is this worth it.   When we hit these points in our day or our career it’s probably because we are doing the parts of the business we don’t enjoy.  Said differently we are moving pianos when we should be focused on singing.

As my mom always told me, “there will always be life’s little duties”.  However, to be successful in our business, just how Frank Sinatra was successful in the music industry, we must focus the majority of our effort on our unique abilities and partner with others who have complimentary unique abilities to ours.  This will allow us to do the 2-3 things no one else can do as good as we can.