July 23, 2018



Why is it that some people like Coke more than Pepsi or vice-versa? How about white bread over wheat bread?  It comes down to difference.  One is different from the other and people prefer one difference over the other, regardless of how big or small that difference may be.  Have you ever tried to convince a Pepsi drinker that Coke is better?  It’s an uphill battle that is not often won. 

The same is true in our business, your story, your value proposition, the way you deal with clients is different and there will be people that prefer your kind of different.  How you articulate those differences and tell your story is what will help you attract the right clients to your practice.

A few things that can help articulate those differences.  Tell your story, it’s yours and people want to hear it.  Define your ideal and right fit client, know what you are looking for.  Your ideal client often fits into a niche, become an expert in that niche.  Finally, your personal service is important, people will gravitate towards a firm that serves them the way they need to be served.  Let people know ahead of time what they can expect. 

Not everyone needs, wants or will like the way you do business and that’s ok, you just need to be able to tell your story to the ones that do.