July 31, 2017

Be Intentional

As I was sitting in airports and on planes, which unfortunately included an extra 6 hours, coming back from the Cetera Connect conference I thought what is going to make this conference different then the tens of conferences I’ve attended over my last 18 years in this business? One phrase kept popping in my mind and that was “Be Intentional”. Be intentional about adapting some of the new ideas that were shared over the course of the conference. Be intentional about following up with advisors that I got to know during this year’s event. Be intentional about reaching out to interesting products and services that I may not have been aware of.

Being intentional and choosing to implement with the tools and resources available to me is what will set this conference apart from the rest. The choice to not just be an attendee and consumer of information, but rather someone who learned new information and chose to implement and make a difference.